May The Furs Be With You

This week in Los Angeles people are talking about two things: the Star Wars premiere and the frigid weather. Forty-two degree mornings have a way of making Angelenos cranky, and I’m only surviving them thanks to layered Lululemon jackets and fur toppers. Side note: some locals (actors) are unaffected by these freezing mornings because they work non-traditional jobs (collect unemployment) and have the luxury of rising mid-afternoon.

I’m a little embarrassed to admit it, but I’ve never seen a Star Wars film! Apparently, this is an unspeakable crime in some people’s (my boyfriend’s) eyes. He purchased tickets for us to see the film opening night, and he is debating whether to wear a cape like his hero Lando or to paint his face green like that little goblin Yoda. He suggested that I go as the Princess, which sounded right up my alley, until he informed me that the Princess wears a chain-mail bikini. Nice try, boyfriend. Nice try.

I’ve decided I’ll wear fur to the screening. That’s right, fur. I’m team #Chewbacca all the way! I don’t know much about the Star Wars movies, but Chewbacca is clearly my spirit animal: nature blessed with him a luxurious fur coat, and he is in a domestic partnership with Harrison Ford! My boyfriend is informing me that Chewbacca and Harrison are partners not partners. Seems like a missed opportunity.

So, this weekend I’ll be rocking a long haired fur for two reasons: to survive this bone-rattling cold snap and to represent my favorite space Yeti, Chewbacca! To all my fellow fashionistas and Stars Wars fans, new and old, May The Furs Be With You!

Written by: Sarah Smart

Pictured are two of my favorite guys rocking the fur bodysuit, and in honor of the Star Wars premiere – – the Chewbacca suit!



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